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    Partner with us

    Entrepreneur? Or need a business idea? let’s partner up and discover
    the simplest idea to grow your financial business in forex trading. We
    put forth the most sophisticated and overarching currency trading
    platform capable of advanced risk management and at the same time
    accessible at any time, anywhere and any device. By using this
    seamless and user-friendly forex trading platform, our partners can
    always remain in touch with the relevant news and market movements
    to avoid any surprises. We also extend our support by providing a
    dedicated relationship officer. With this facility, partners can avail the
    required support at single point contact to get timely assistance. Our
    objective is to provide our partners the comfort of hassle-free business

    Client Referral Affiliate (CRA)

    Client Referral Affiliate proposes a great deal to the partners by extending an opportunity for financial independence. As a brand with global repute with a wide spectrum of investment portfolios, we assure an engaging and lucrative package for customers. This recognition of ours will lead to a much effortless though remunerative customer acquisition and thus ensure a rewarding career for our partners. With additional assistance of a dedicated relationship officer we took CRA to a whole other level where the effort of partners are minimized and their capability to earn is set at infinity.

    Customer Support Desk

    Excelling and convenient Customer Support is pertinent to satisfy the customer. This is what we achieve with our Dealing Office. We ensure 24*7 support for facilitating quick transactions without any delay in the process. This approach enables our partner to build a strong relationship with their clients through better customer experience. Our officials ensure the most resilient platform which administers the smooth operation of the entire organization. This ensures our capability to provide services and insights to both our partners and clients. Our backend executives can assist a partner to access customer statements, reports and easily calculate his/her clients' monthly trading volume and profit/loss, after submitting a genuine authorization from the client.

    Full Product Range

    OFB through its principals provide opportunity to trade huge number of currency pairs to choose from. Such a wide range of available currency pairs to trade, helps our customer to achieve their objectives by diversifying the portfolio and even hedge their commercial requirements.

    What can you Contribute

    1. Service and act as the first point of contact for clients 2. Assist clients in opening their accounts 3. Introduce clients to the OFB & its principals trading system

    Forex Trading Platform

    With proper authorization, a partner can access multiple accounts on
    behalf of their client 24*7. This facility enables partners to manage clients'
    forex trading account and also to pull insights for a better decision
    making. We also ensure added flexibility with a compatible platform which
    can be accessed from smartphone or tablet. Altogether we put forth an
    amiable currency trading platform for bolstering overall productivity

    Channel Partners

    With the aim of furtherance of our partners, we put forth the channel partner program which enables traders, marketing freelancers, financial consultants, and brokerage firms to avail compensation and exciting packages. Apart from that the program also emphasis on providing a dedicated relationship officer and the facility to access the client's accounts and statements.