Thanks for the lack of centralized exchanges and regulatory bodies, forex traders definitely enjoys much more freedom in trading than stock, options, futures and fund traders. Most of these privileges are only available in the world forex market. Some of the most important advantages are given below.
  • There is no difference in going short or long. Every trade is shorting a currency and going long on another. Hence no uptick or similar rules are applicable.
  • Traders can adopt any style they prefer; can practice any strategy on minute, hourly or weekly charts.
  • Customizable leverage options allow traders to trade both aggressive and conservative based on their trading strategy, market performance and trading goal.
  • Automated margin calls lock the loss to the money you put in.
  • There are no trading commissions hence the loss or gain of every trade can be accounted as traders profit or loss. Also when trading high interest rate difference currencies, traders can receive interest on daily basis.
  • The market stays very liquid round the clock. And there is a great information flow; traders can enjoy real-time news, charts, research and analysis usually for free.

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