CFD is a financial tool similar to a share or index which lets you trade an underlying share, index or commodity contract without having to hold the underlying asset itself. CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are considered as one of the easiest methods of settlement as losses and gains are paid by cash. CFDs allow you to trade on one platform on-line.

A number of trading software available in the market, which make CFD trading not simply a great deal easier but also a great deal more lucrative. Software is categorized into two basic types – web based and desktop based programs. Web based software allows you to log in to an account in the market. Desktop based program has to be installed in your computer.

CFD software from
Orient Financial Brokers is a powerful, user-friendly online trading system, setting new standards in online trading. Major features of our system include:

  • Real Time Prices: Gives you 24 hour access to real-time tradable prices on thousands of global products.
  • Fast Execution: Provides fast and reliable access to even the most volatile markets.
  • Real Time Position Keeping: Helps you track your portfolio, allowing you to instantly see account equity, etc
  • Customizable Platform: Helps you create an unlimited number of screens, displaying all of the information you need to make those crucial trading decisions.
OFB has free demo trading platforms for a fixed period of time. With help of this, traders get familiar with the software and the market, and to test different trading strategies.