The term equity refers to anything of value in its ordinary meaning. The term is much more limited in its intension in the world of trading. It denotes ordinary stocks and shares. Equity helps in trading the underlying stocks and shares without needing to take ownership of them. There are several advantages to profiting from share price movements using CFDs rather than buying the actual shares. All major shares, Indices and Sector CFDs are available for UK, European, US and Pacific Rim markets. 

a.    Shares: The table on this page gives a detailed explanation of some Shares with margin requirement. 

b.    Stock Indices: One full point movement in a Stock Index is equal to one currency unit of the country the index belongs to. For example, one point movement in DJIA30, S&P500 or NASDAQ100 would be equal to US$1. Number of points movement in a Stock Index multiplied by the number of CFD contracts you trade (minimum is 1 CFD contract), determines your profit or loss. Click here for more information.

c.    Sector CFDs:  Here, the traders have the flexibility of contracts for difference. They can choose for several sectors from financial sector, health, energy, technology, retail, etc. Using sector CFDs you can trade in a way which would be difficult if you only traded stocks. The page gives you detailed explanation.

This information provided by Orient Financial Brokers (OFB), licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE, to conduct brokerage in Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Money Markets. OFB offers a number of commodity futures contracts including all main oil, grain and metal contracts.