The great step of making forex trading a career starts with finding the most suitable forex trading broker who can assist you in your trades, who support you with access to the world’s largest financial market, who carry out your transactions, who keeps your records and who offer you margin for carrying out trades. Finding a suitable forex broker is not a very hard task; but not so easy either.

Here are some tips for finding the most suitable online forex trading broker in UAE.
  • Find the broker who understands what you say: finding a good online forex broker from the neighbourhood is always good, but often very difficult. So find a broker who offers excellent support online and over-the-phone preferably in your native language.
  • Regulator compliance or License details: although forex market is not regulated by any firm or exchange, the brokers who are members of reputed bodies like NFA or CFTC or are licensed by renowned institutions, banks or governments are better; because they can assure you quality service and security for your investments.
  • Spread difference: spread difference is the cost of trading and the broker offering tightest spread is preferable. But also make sure the spread differences stay tight with liquidity changes and the broker offer tight spreads for all major currency pairs.
  •  Margin and leverage: forex brokers offer leverage from 50:1 to 200:1. The trader should make sure that the broker offer ideal leverage suitable for his trading style and strategies. The initial deposit, minimum account balance and minimum position size are also suit the trader.
  • Currency pairs available for trading: The more pairs available, the better can be the brokerage service. But it is better to make sure that the broker has good spreads for all the currency pairs the trader is planning to deal with.
  • The trading system: yes, it should be advanced and always available. Web based systems are preferable.

This blog is written for Orient Financial Brokers, a leading online forex broker in UAE offering a range of account features for traders.