Online demo accounts help the customers to test the functionality of live accounts. Ii gives an introduction to online trading for beginners. Normally, the demo accounts are free. As it is trail software, after certain period the software will not run longer.

OFB provides Trading Software, which is most advanced, flexible and comprehensive trading platform to date. It allows you to trade in over 2,000 shares and stock indices from US, UK, European and Pacific Rim markets, from a Single Account from anywhere in the world. The demo account is an excellent training and trading tool, which include the following advantages:

You will have full access to: (Click here to open a demo account)

  • Real-time pricing on all instruments offered.
  • Risk free demo trading with a virtual $10,000 demo account
  • Expert Fundamental market analysis from Multex, the premier source of quality financial and business intelligence information.
  • Real-time breaking news from Dow Jones
  • Multiple online order types including Market, Stops, Limits and OCOs