OFBs (Orient Financial Brokers) Forex software is a powerful, user-friendly online trading system, setting new standards in online currency trading. Our award winning software allows you to trade all major global currencies, major crosses and precious metals, 24 hours a day. Major features of our system include:

Real Time Prices: Gives you 24 hour access to real-time tradable prices on thousands of global products.
Fast Execution: Provides fast and reliable access to even the most volatile markets.
Real Time Position Keeping: Helps you track your portfolio, allowing you to instantly see account equity, etc

Customizable Platform: Helps you create an unlimited number of screens, displaying all of the information you need to make those crucial trading decisions.

This information provided by Orient Financial Brokers (OFB), licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE since 1997, to conduct brokerage in Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Money Markets. OFB has free demo trading platforms for a fixed period of time. With help of this, traders get familiar with the software and the market, and to test different trading strategies.

Timing is one of the major trading success determining factors, which is often forgotten by novice traders. Actually, according to market timing, the trading strategies can be broadly classified to day trading, swing trading and position trading.
FOREX (Foreign Exchange) is said to be the biggest traded market in the World. Statistics shows that above US $ 2,000 billion total traded volume is happened per day in this fastest growing financial market.

This blog is written for Orient Financial Brokers, a UAE based online forex trading and CFD Trading brokerage firm offering free demo trading and a range of account features