A stock broker is the middleman when you trade or invest in stock market instruments or indices. It can be a firm or person who is placing orders and executing trades from the behalf of his clients. In the past only wealthy people were able to trade through stock brokers because of the lack of analysis tools and high brokerage commissions. But now with online stock trading brokers, virtually anyone can trade stock markets by paying low commissions yet using advanced analysis tools. Also online brokers made trading of international market and indices possible.

Online brokers allow traders to trade shares, stock indices and equities through online trading software. The software can be web-based so that accessed through a web browser or can be installed on the system just like any common software. It can offer charting of market movements, market news, comparison and analysis tools, risk minimizing tools and order execution tools to facilitate trades. Many online stock brokers also allow gold and precious metal trading, and commodities trading through the same software without any additional charge.

Dubai online stock trading brokers like OrientFinanace.com offer traders access to trade all major US, European and Pacific Rim market indices, shares and CFDs. Traders can use the trading software to get live prices and real-time charting for all these markets. Traders can place trades online and can easily track the status at real-time.