Most successful and savvy investors across the globe have given precious metals significant importance. The volatile and anti-inflammatory price swings of these metals combined with negative correlation to most commodity and capital markets have given them great advantage and popularity. Now traders and investors can trade and invest in a range of precious metals online.

Investing in Gold: Gold is so far the most popular and widely traded precious metal. The price of gold depends on many factors like supply and demand, changing financial scenarios, inflation, war and crisis, etc. Most traders and investors consider gold as a hedging tool against various portfolio risks.

Investing in Silver: Unlike gold, silver is predominantly an industrial metal with a wide range of use in electrical, semi-conductor, medical products, batteries and micro-processor industries. Often silver prices show a much more volatility than gold prices.

Investing in Platinum: Platinum is rare, is often valued more than gold and is used for both ornamental and industrial purposes. Platinum is widely used in automobile industry as a catalyst for reducing harmful emissions. Platinum mines are relatively very rare and are almost concentrated in two counties – Russia and South Africa.

Except physical purchase, now traders can trade all the above precious metals through a wide range of products like spot metal, ETFs, CFDs, Futures, Options, Mutual Funds, Stocks of mining and selling companies, certificates, and more.

This blog is written for Orient Financial Brokers a leading gold investing broker in UAE and middle-east offering online trading of precious metals.