These days, day traders opt for online trading because of its trending nature. There a number of benefits of trading Forex online. The term Forex refers to foreign currency exchange, which involves simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another currency. In other words, Forex is traded as “cross pairs” for example EUR/USD or GBP/USD.

There are lot of differences between traditional brokers and online brokers. A traditional broker is a human who can give accurate guidance for selecting right market and asset to trade. These brokers study lot of resources available in the Forex market and make use of those documents for the advantage of their clients. They can help customers making a trading plan based on their emotions, and financial backgrounds. But they charge very high consultant fees and have slow trading process. Recognized investing firms and long-term investors get more benefits from their services.

Similar to traditional brokers, online brokers perform dealings in exchange for commissions. The basic difference is that the online broker provides internet-based (electronic) access to client accounts. They make use of different computer programs and communication networks. They can provide timely financial news, information, real-time quotes, charts etc.

Coupled with the elimination of direct human involvement, online brokers charge very low trading commissions compared to traditional brokers. They can provide access to electronic quotation services, which bypass the costs of dealing with the major stock exchanges. With the online trading, the trader is capable of getting more control over his money and purchased assets.

This article is written for Orient Financial Brokers (OFB), licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE since 1997, to conduct brokerage in Foreign Exchange, Commodities, etc.