Forex market the world’s biggest financial market where trillions of dollar worth transactions took place in one day. It is also one of the favorite professions for new graduates and capital market players. There are many things which makes forex trading a good profession.
  1. There are still room for players: unlike other capital markets, world forex market is not much exploited by retail traders. Only a small portion of trades are carried out by retail traders. The volume of individual players is also much less than the banking counterpart.
  2. World currency market is one of the most liquid and diversified market. Careful placing of traders can help traders to overcome almost all financial disasters including inflation, low economic growth, oil or commodity price changes, etc. Moreover currency market do not show any significant co-relation to any other markets.
  3. When compared to trading other financial instruments, forex trading has much related rules and requirements. Usually the traders are straight forward and the trading platform is free. There are no short-sale limits, market regulators or specific trading hours.
  4. Unlike trading other financial instruments beginner forex traders have very vast resources to learn trading. There are lots of online forums and communities available, many sites provide free and paid market analysis and the free software trails help to test the trading strategies.

Although easier than most financial instruments trading, forex trading does not guarantee any better returns. The success depends on trader’s ability, trading strategies and many related things.

This blog is published for Orient Financial Brokers, a popular online forex trading brokerage firm in Dubai, UAE.