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Forex Markets

OFB offers a large number of currency pairs to invest. This includes an extensive range of cross-currency combinations across all major currencies, with highly competitive spreads.

Spot Market

Our Customers enjoy most competitive prices on the world's major currency pairs with bid-ask spreads normally only available to the inter-bank Spot market. With margin rates as low as 1% and available trade sizes as low as USD10,000 (or equivalent). We ensure the most professional service irrespective of trade size or frequency of trading.

No. Product Symbol Standard Spread
1 Euro/US Dollar EUR/USD 1
2 British Pound/USD Dollar GBP/USD 1.5
3 New Zealand Dollar/USD NZD/USD 2.5
4 Australian/US Dollar AUD/USD 1
5 US Dollar/Canadian Dollar USD/CAD 2.5
6 US Dollar/Swiss Franc USD/CHF 3
7 US Dollar/Yen USD/JPY 1
8 USD/South African Rand USD/ZAR 100
9 Euro/Yen EUR/JPY 2
10 British Pound/Yen GBP/JPY 4
11 Swiss Franc/Yen CHF/JPY 3
12 Australian Dollar/Yen AUD/JPY 3
13 British Pnd/Swiss Franc GBP/CHF 5
14 Euro/Swiss Franc EUR/CHF 3
15 Euro/British Pound EUR/GBP 2