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    Why Trade Forex?

    Why trading Forex has advantages over other markets:

    • 1. Low transaction costs: . Because of the size of the Forex market, there
      is greater liquidity and investors enjoy lower transaction costs and get in & out of their positions quickly & easily.
    • 2. Low spreads: The high liquidity in Forex means the bid/ask spreads are
      extremely low for major Forex Pairs. This makes it easy for traders to
      speculate on price movements of just a few pips
    • 3. Market Hours: Forex trading can be done 24 hours, 5 days a week. This,
      combined with the volatility, makes for an exciting investment opportunity for
    • 4. Leverage trading: Leverage in Forex enables you to open a position on
      the currency market by paying just a small part of the entire value up front.
      This has the potential to magnify your profits but also your losses. This could,
      in essence, give you an opportunity to make large profits from small

    Let's understand with an example why you should trade Forex.
    A single Dirham on Monday could get you 0.24 euros. On Tuesday, 0.25
    euros. This may not seem like a huge deal on the surface. But people that
    regularly conduct business internationally are affected by this. Think about a
    company paying salaries to employees overseas. That 0.1 will compile and
    become a huge amount. Whether you are a traveller, or a businessman, we
    recommend you to hold your money until the foreign exchange rate is in your
    Like stocks, you can trade currency based on its value or where you think its
    going. Finding a buyer when you’re selling or a seller when buying is easier
    in Forex markets than in any other market in the world.
    In any case, OFB makes the process of trading forex much easier for you.
    Our expertise in this field, coupled with low margin rates and availability of
    low trade sizes, will enable you to realise your goals in the most profitable