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Is An Investment Broker Necessary For Investing In Stocks

First off, an investment broker - such as Orient Financial Brokers who are the top brokers in Dubai - is an individual or institution that executes investment transactions on behalf of clients.

There are two main types of investment brokers: The broker can be a regular broker, who works with clients to buy and sell investments, or a broker-reseller, who acts as a middle-man between the client and another, larger broker

For those starting to invest, an investment broker can serve as a valuable link to the market by acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers on the stock market. Some broker agencies also offer trading platforms to invest in stocks as well as other markets. Brokers facilitate clients in buying stocks, bonds, and other securities from exchanges.

Full-service brokers offer personalized investment advice and retirement planning, while discount brokers only execute trades without additional services. A broker can also refer to the firm acting as a transaction agent, common in online transactions where only basic buying and selling services are provided.

Are Brokers Expensive To Work With?

Investment brokers usually impose a fee per trade, which depends on the extent of services they offer. Full-service brokers incorporate research and advisory expenses into their trade fees, and they can also levy an annual maintenance fee. Discount brokers charge a small amount for their basic service. Additionally, brokerage accounts require a minimum opening balance, and it is vital to know all charges before initiating a brokerage account. 

How Can You Find A Broker?

There are numerous brokers and brokerage firms available, providing the opportunity to choose the most suitable one for you. Determine the type of investing you want to pursue, the price you are willing to pay, and the type of broker you require. Afterward, compare your preferences to each firm's offerings.

To decide whether you require a full-service or discount broker, consider how much assistance and guidance you require in your investing. If you plan to make numerous trades, opt for a broker with low trade fees. Check if your preferred broker offers stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, ETFs, or a combination. 

Additionally, contemplate the availability of online, mobile, or over-the-phone trades, account minimums, monthly or annual fees, and withdrawal methods. Check to see what their trading platforms look like to choose a broker with the best trading platform. Before opening an account, research the individual broker since all brokers must be regulated.

For novice investors, Orient Financial Brokers provides a Demo account enabling clients to hone their abilities. Additionally, they offer an investment workshop where individuals can learn novel strategies and communicate with experts. Suppose you desire more involved assistance, then, Orient’s team of experts will be able to help you. If you're prepared to seek a professional to accomplish your financial objectives, look no further than Orient Finance.

Do You Need An Investment Broker For Investing In Stocks?

To invest in stocks, a broker is required as they are licensed to trade with securities exchanges. The level of service and support provided by a broker can be chosen by opting for either a full-service or discount broker. A full-service broker, who is usually an agent of a brokerage firm, can help you discuss your investment goals and conduct research on your behalf. They can provide personalized advice and keep you updated on stock performance, market trends, and tax laws.

It is recommended for those who have a significant investment portfolio and want it managed by an expert to choose a full-service broker. Also, ensure to find a broker with a fiduciary duty, who acts in your best interests and not for third-party commissions.

Which Investment Broker Would We Recommend?

If you’re looking to invest through a full-service investment broker in the UAE, our only recommendation would be Orient Financial Brokers. They are based in Dubai and they have been pioneers in the financial brokerage industry since 1994. 

Orient Finance is authorized and overseen by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), allowing it to engage in brokerage services for OTC derivatives and spot market currencies (FOREX). Customers can access well-informed investment opportunities and achieve fruitful investing and trading experiences thanks to the 24/7 availability, competitive margins, and innovative trading tools provided by Orient.

What We Like About Orient Finance

  • They have their customer's best interests at heart.
  • Cutting-edge trading platforms
  • They are an experienced financial broker
  • Instant and stable execution
  • They offer a demo account to practice new strategies without risking your money
  • Zero account opening fees
  • Competitive margins and low spreads
  • Financing your account is easy and withdrawals are swift to make
  • Round-the-clock local support
  • Transactions are encrypted and secure


You might think that there's no reason for investing through a broker. But on the contrary, investment brokers offer way-more insight into the world of investment. As long as you choose their comprehensive package, brokers like Orient Finance will ensure to guide you, advise you accordingly, and discuss new strategies with you that will help you earn better profits and reduce the risk of making losses. As much as they stand to gain too, they will not let this get in the way of making sure your investment experience is a profitable one.



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