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About Spot Metals

Golden Fact! In 2019, UAE Ranked 4th in Demand of Gold Consumption

Spots metals trading is one of the most sought-after trading options in the world which deals with the trading of precious metals like gold and silver. Multiple opportunities get created as the prices of the metals change continuously depending on the supply and demand of the metals, the international political scenarios, interest rates and various other economic factors.

Gold is the oldest commodity that was traditionally used for investment. Gold is considered to be a tool, as hedge against inflation & uncertainty. It is a metal that is a must have for investors, speculators, hedgers and arbitragers.

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Why Trade Spot Metals?
  • Flexibility to adopt short or long positions in accordance with the market.
  • Trade in assets like Gold and Silver in times of monetary uncertainty.
  • The effects of political changes enable gold to act as a hedge against other markets in times of crisis or inflation.
  • Gold and silver have extensive demand in various industries, Volume of Gold & Silver is much higher than any other metals
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