Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Find friends who would like to deal in most traded currencies through us. Once you introduce them to us, you can earn upto $500/- straight in your trading account. Wonderful right?

Note: You just need to have a live account with us.

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  • Terms & Conditions

    If you have friends/relatives who are interested to trade in Fx. You can earn up to $500/- in your trading account, just by introducing them to us. Subject to the following terms and conditions:

    • The cash bonus will be paid into your trading account for each friend you refer to us, who opens and funds a live account through us with at least $2700/- You will only qualify to receive the cash bonus in your trading account if:
      • You have completed the online refer a friend form in relation to the friend you are referring before their live application is submitted.
      • At the time of the referral, you have a live account open with us.
      • Your friend should open a live trading account, and not just a mere deposit.
      • Cash bonus will be paid after observing the referred account activity for minimum two weeks.
    • You will qualify for the cash bonus in your trading account as per following deposit slabs:
      • AED 350/- for deposits from $1,500/- $3,000/-
      • AED 750/- for deposits from $3,001/- $7,000/-
      • AED 1100/- for deposits from $ 7,001/ - $12,000/-
      • AED 1800/- for deposits $ 12,001 & above
    • You must only refer people to us with whom you have an existing personal and/or business relationship and who you understand would be interested in receiving information about our products.
    • Orient Financial Brokers reserves the right to withhold the payment of the cash bonus in our absolute discretion if we believe, for example, that there has been any attempt to abuse this promotion or that you have attempted to benefit from fraudulent activities. An example of such abuse would be where the bonus claimed, without any trading activity in the referred account.
    • This offer is valid for limited period only.
    • Our client referral program is applicable only to referrals who trade majorly on all other financial instruments except stocks. Referrals who primarily trade only on stocks as CFDs will not be eligible to earn bonus for their referrer.

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