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Top Profitable Stocks To Trade

The stock market is an interesting place to venture into. An individual can greatly profit from it when they make the right call and invest or trade in the right stocks. Just as well, the wrong stocks can cause some serious financial damage to a company or an individual's wallet.

Different stocks have their moments of volatility, some can start out strong in the year only to find themselves at a lower position by the end of the same year. Even though there may be moments of market instability, this should not discourage you from trading. There will always be other investment opportunities to venture into even when the markets are volatile.

Let’s now look at some of the top-performing stocks that have withstood the test of time:

Top 7 Stocks That Have Performed Well Throughout The History Of The Stock Market


Coca-Cola has been a leading brand for many years now. With a wide range of quality products all over the world (Fanta, Vitamin water, Sprite, Ades), quality marketing, and a serious competitive advantage, Coca-Cola has seen success as one of the best-performing stocks.

Even with a few setbacks such as health concerns from the public because of its high sugar levels, Coca-Cola still remains a profitable investment because of its low-risk, and stable stocks



Amazon's rapidly growing revenue as well as its competitive advantage and the ability to easily join new markets, lure investors in to buy their stocks that have been at the top for a while now. Amazon has been a pioneer in fields such as cloud computing as well as eCommerce and has grown globally thanks to its amazing customer service as well as its low prices.(Schema Article)

For about 5 years or so, Amazon's stock has proven to be incredibly profitable, with a market growth exceeding 100%.


Apple's stock has exploded within the past 5 years, growing up to 266%.

However, it hasn’t always been this good for Apple, back in 1996, Apple's stocks saw a massive drop, leaving them with only 91 cents after dividends adjustments and stock splits. (Schema Article)

2015 saw the brand's share price rise to $32.85 USD after they decided to rebrand the company and push marketing for their best-selling products.

January 2022 marked Apple's highest share price, valued at $182.94 USD.

Apple's list of products includes the infamous iPhone, MacBook, iOS, iPad, iTunes, and the App Store.


Alphabet, Google's parent company, had its initial public offering in August 2004 with shares worth just $85 USD. By the year 2016, the stocks' worth had more than quadrupled, going to an average stock price of $835.74 USD. (Schema Article)

Alphabet is currently one of the biggest companies globally, leading ahead in regard to the internet search market, with a market cap of $1.205 trillion USD, and a compounding return in annual interest of 25.6%.

Gilead Sciences

Among the list of the biggest biotech companies currently in the world in Gilead. Gilead Sciences’ shares were once worth a mere $1.10 USD back in 1996, since then, their stocks have risen by a whopping 9,757%. (Schema Article)

The pharmaceutical app helped them raise their stock price to $87.36 USD back in 2016. Today, their stocks are valued at $85.76 USD. If You are looking to try out stock trading as a business, this stock is one to look into.


Microsoft was first launched in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It would take another 10 years before the world was first introduced to the first Windows operating system. (Schema Article)

Microsoft's stock has grown exponentially since 2015 (116%) thanks to their great contribution to the PC and digital business. Today, their shares are priced at $247.25 USD.


Monster Beverage Corp

Some of you don’t know it, but what the world today knows as Monster energy, used to be known as Hansel Natural Corporation back in the 1930s and sold fruit juice. A while after, their list of products included sodas and iced teas and in 2002, the world was introduced to the Monster energy drink, literally launched as “The meanest energy drink in the world!”. (Schema Article)

This radical change in branding as well as the new product release saw the company’s sales shoot up from $92 million USD in 2002, to more than $2 billion USD in 2012 with the Monster beverage alone accounting for 90% of its sales.


Final Note:

Stock trading in Dubai has, just like anywhere else in the world, become a popular business venture because of its great returns and diverse investment opportunities. Even when there are moments of market volatility, there are always opportunities that can still have a positive outcome.

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